Tuesday, June 18

We will be responsible for the integrity of the Kyrgyz Republic — the President on the June 2010 events

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It is necessary to ensure the responsible and active participation of multi-ethnic communities in all spheres of public life in the country.

Today, on June 10, Kyrgyz President Sadyr Zhaparov addressed Kyrgyzstanis on the occasion of the Memorial Day of the June 2010 tragedy.
According to the head of state, interethnic clashes are one of the main problems and the hardest test for many countries. It happens that such catastrophic events lead to instability or weakening of the country’s economy and, in general, to consequences that cannot be corrected.

“Unfortunately, in 2010, an attempt to destroy the unity of multinational Kyrgyzstan and undermine the unity of our people partially succeeded, and the negative trends taking place in the world were reflected in our country. Today we remember the bloody riots that took place 14 years ago in Osh and Jalal-Abad regions, and we mourn for our citizens who died then,” the appeal says.

According to the President, the people of Kyrgyzstan, which has a centuries-old history, were able to come out of this tragedy with a call for unity.
“Nevertheless, we must never forget about the tragic events of 2010. Neither the government nor the people should be guided by evil intentions. We must realize that our homeland is Kyrgyzstan and that no one but us will protect it,” Sadyr Zhaparov said.
The President stressed that it is necessary to ensure responsible and active participation of multi-ethnic communities in all spheres of public life of the country. Only when confessions, ethnic and other social groups obey the legal documents enshrined in the Constitution will there be harmony, unity and development in our state, Zhaparov added.

“Let’s be responsible for preserving the integrity of our homeland and strengthening our statehood. Let’s achieve the prosperity of our sovereign state. May our common efforts strengthen unity and ensure well-being!” — the president concluded.

source:  https://ru.sputnik.kg/20240610/sadyr-zhaparov-obraschenie-kyrgyzstan-sobytiya-iyun-kyrgyzstan-1085952107.html


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