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The thirtieth regional summer sports and wellness festival “Excitement” has ended in Khabarovsk. Health. Rest.” The competitions were held within the framework of the federal project “Sport is the norm of life” of the presidential national project “Demography” and traditionally gathered fans of sports and a healthy lifestyle from different regions of the region. So, this year, about a thousand residents of the region took part in the anniversary launches.  

For three days, employees of enterprises and institutions of the region, representatives of regional trade union organizations competed for medals. Participants competed in 11 sports: volleyball, darts, 3×3 basketball, table tennis, mini football, chess, swimming, kettlebell lifting, tug of war and track and field relay. The main prize of the festival, established by the governor of the region – a car, was traditionally played among family teams. As a result, the Kaigorodtsev family from Komsomolsk-on-Amur became the owner of the new Lada Granta. The second place was also taken by representatives of the city of Youth – the Kiselyov family. Khabarovsk residents – the Biryukov family – closed the top three winners.

“It’s not the first year we’ve been participating, we took fourth place at the last festival. This time we were preparing, we trained all disciplines in which competitions are held. And so on the day of the competition, we mobilized all our forces, gave our best. Tired of course, but it was worth it. It brings the whole family together. Thanks to the government of the region for such opportunities, not only for this festival, but also for other support measures for families,” said Andrey and Victoria Kaygorodtsev.

Also, within the framework of the festival, the labor collectives of the region passed the TRP standards. 50 people from 10 organizations competed in push-ups, long jumps, pull-ups, flexibility, and also did press exercises for speed. Dmitry Chikunov, the Minister of Sports of the region, also joined the participants. He also tried his hand and passed the standards of the complex. 

“It’s nice to see so many athletes. And most importantly, the majority of standards are closer to the golden signs. This suggests that all participants regularly engage in physical education and sports. And in the year of the family, everyone must train together. I came with my son today. Both he and I have fulfilled all the standards for gold,” Dmitry Chikunov said. 

Recall that for the first time, the sports and wellness festival “Excitement. Health. Rest” was held in 1993 on the initiative of the regional trade union committees, the sports and sports club of trade unions “Spartak” and the sports asset of the region. Competitions among family teams were included in the festival program in 2000. The first winners of the main prize of the governor’s car – Volga – GAZ 3110 – were the Palamarchuk family from the village of Dormidontovka in the Vyazemsky district.

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