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The creative family of the Nakorneevs began with Victoria Filippovna, a graduate of the Odessa State Conservatory. In 1996, Victoria came to Sevastopol, where she married Vladislav Valerievich Vetyugov, a graduate of the Kiev Institute of Culture.

From the first years of their life together, the couple began working in the Palace of Culture of the village of Orlinoe, in the picturesque Baydar Valley. Victoria Filippovna created a vocal ensemble, which was soon awarded the title of “people’s” and became a laureate of festivals of various levels.

Since 2006, Victoria Filippovna has headed the club system as a director. Under her leadership, the clubs of the rural zone are being updated and equipped, the project “Philharmonic Center of the Baydar Valley” is being developed aimed at popularizing classical music for rural residents .

Vladislav Valerievich Vetyugov, working as a lighting technician and video editor, creates excellent content and with his “golden hands” helps to preserve and keep the club economy in order.

 Since 2000, the eldest daughter, Vetyugova Kristina Vladislavovna, born in 1992, has been a follower of the family’s creative traditions since childhood, inheriting her mother’s vocal abilities and becoming an active participant in amateur performances.

A young talented girl created a family with Alexey Viktorovich Pusko, born in 1972, a professional actor of the drama theater, a graduate of the Yaroslavl State Theater Institute. Alexey Viktorovich served for 18 years as an actor in the Drama Theater of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation named after B. Lavrenev. He starred in 10 films / .

 Alexey Viktorovich’s love for the theater was instilled by his mother Natalia Nikolaevna Pusko, born in 1952, who for more than 10 years headed the literary and musical theater at a rural school and held the honorary title of “Honored Teacher”.

“We are proud to talk about our creative family Nakorneev- Vetyugov-Pusko. We are confident that our descendants will serve art and become worthy successors of cultural family traditions,” our heroes note.

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