Monday, June 24

Amendments to the EEU Treaty have entered into force: cooperation will be developed in a new way

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The amendments will allow the Eurasian Economic Commission to support joint initiatives of the Union countries and help them unlock their potential in industrial cooperation projects

Amendments to the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union dated May 29, 2014 regarding the provision of financial assistance in the implementation of joint cooperation projects in industries by the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union have entered into force, the EEC reported.

“This event opens up new opportunities for deepening integration in the real sector,” said Gohar Barseghyan, Minister of Industry and Agriculture of the EEC.

According to her, for the first time, the Eurasian Economic Commission has received the authority to support the most important joint initiatives aimed at creating cooperative chains using the potential of all states of the Union.

“The implementation of the instrument will contribute to the technological development of industry, increase mutual investments and ensure access for small economies to the development and implementation of new high–tech industries,” she said.

The Minister expressed gratitude to the countries of the Union for participating in the promotion of the new mechanism and expressed hope for its successful implementation.



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