Thursday, June 20

Uzbekistan and the EEU countries have significantly increased imports to Russia

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The products produced in the republic account for 40% of the total imported light industry in the Russian Federation.

Over the past months of 2024, imports from Uzbekistan and the EEU countries to Russia have shown significant growth. These countries account for 61% of the total supply in the light industry market, almost 25% in the shoe market, 54% in the perfume market, and 15% in the tire market.
The republic still has a significant share in the import of goods subject to mandatory labeling to the Russian market. According to the Honest Mark labeling system, products manufactured in Uzbekistan account for 40% of all imported light industry to Russia.

“Imports are growing for objective reasons. Firstly, the market is being transformed – new players are coming to it. Secondly, there is a “whitewashing”, which makes it more comfortable for businesses to carry out economic activities in Russia. Uzbekistan continues to strengthen its presence in the Russian market by supplying high-quality products. This certainly contributes to the development of economic ties between our countries,” commented Andrey Kirillov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of CRPT TURON.

For reference: CRPT TURON LLC is the operator of the National Information System for Monitoring the Labeling and Tracking of ASL BELGISI products in Uzbekistan.



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