Sunday, July 21

Video message to the participants of the opening ceremony of the BRICS Sports Games

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Vladimir Putin: Dear friends!

I am pleased to welcome to Russia the participants and guests of the BRICS Sports Games.

The two-week competition will bring together more than three thousand athletes from almost one hundred countries. I am confident that this large-scale sports festival will visibly demonstrate the triumph of the universal values of sport, equal opportunities and fair, uncompromising competition.

The BRICS Games will be hosted by hospitable and original Kazan and Moscow – cities rich in history, multinational culture and traditions, and at the same time modern and forward-looking.

All of this fully reflects the spirit and character of BRICS itself – an association of sovereign countries that are developing dynamically while preserving their identity, solving large-scale tasks together, and showing an example of truly partner and equal relations based on trust, strong friendship and respect for each other’s interests.

I would like to note that the Sports Games under the auspices of our organisation are an important part of comprehensive political, economic and humanitarian cooperation. The role of the BRICS in world affairs is growing rapidly. Therefore, I am confident that the popularity and attractiveness of the Games as a competition free from political interference and pressure, truly uniting athletes from all over the world, will also grow. All the more so because for the first time this year they are being held in an open format. This means that the Games will become another symbol of the expanding intercultural dialogue, a significant contribution to strengthening the friendship of peoples and fruitful cooperation between nations in the interests of people and universal development.

I wish the athletes and their coaches successful starts, bright victories, and the spectators and fans bright and unforgettable impressions.

I declare the 2024 BRICS Sports Games open!



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