Friday, July 19

The capital of Turkmenistan hosted the International Scientific Conference ‘Important directions of “green” economy: eco-, nano-, bio- and information technologies’

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An international scientific conference “Important areas of the green economy: eco-, nano-, bio- and information technologies” was held in Ashgabat. The forum, dedicated to the Day of Science, gathered, in addition to Turkmen scientists, teachers, young researchers and representatives of scientific circles from about 10 countries.

The solemn opening of the conference with a festive musical greeting took place at the Oguz Khan University of Engineering and Technology, an advanced scientific and educational center that has become one of the main points of growth of the intellectual and scientific and technical potential of our state.

And the fact that this university is making successful steps in this direction was confirmed by the exhibition of innovative projects and technologies presented by students and young university teachers in front of the entrance to the conference hall.

The agenda of the current forum includes issues of cooperation in priority areas of scientific research and the use of new technologies.

During the plenary session, representatives of well-known scientific centers of Belarus, Turkey, China, Austria, and Japan made welcoming speeches. The guests outlined their vision of the prospects for cooperation and the possibilities of organizing joint projects in such areas as nano- and chemical technologies, energy, biotechnology, molecular biology, agriculture, ecology, genetics, etc.

As noted, Turkmenistan attaches great importance to the introduction of innovations in various sectors of the national economic complex, the development of cooperation between the public and private sectors in the field of high technologies, the creation of nano-, bio- and information systems at industrial enterprises, the implementation of large-scale projects within the framework of the development of a “green” economy.

Special emphasis, including by the Turkmen speakers, was placed on such issues as improving the effectiveness of developments in the field of healthcare and pharmaceuticals. The national and international practice of using information and communication technologies, intelligent systems in a wide range of fields is considered.

Reports on the legal foundations and prospects of scientific and technological cooperation between Turkmenistan and foreign countries aroused great interest. It was emphasized that the fundamental reforms carried out in our country, the accelerated development of the sphere of science and education have given impetus to increasing the interaction of scientists in relevant areas.

As noted, modern science is an extremely important factor in the successful development of both individual states and global progress as a whole. The innovative policy of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, the scale of vision and solutions to pressing economic issues led to the effective realization of the multifaceted potential of independent Turkmenistan, its comprehensive integration into the world coordinate system.

The foreign participants of the forum, confirming their commitment to further expand and deepen fruitful cooperation with their Turkmen colleagues in every possible way, exchanged views on ways to increase it in the context of priorities of national development programs.

The delegates of the forum expressed the general opinion that Turkmenistan is ready for the most active and active participation in multilateral cooperation on all topical issues of the global agenda, primarily through the promotion of effective “green” solutions.

At the end of the plenary session, the work of the conference continued in sections.

The reports were devoted to current vectors of development of various branches of knowledge, research results, prospects for international scientific and technical cooperation, in particular, in the field of creating high-tech industries, using digital technologies, forming a common academic platform and network services to solve priority scientific and technical tasks on a regional scale and wider.

The issues of scientifically based development of biotechnologies, molecular biology, agriculture, ecology and genetics were discussed at the meeting on the topic “The role of environmental biotechnologies in the green economy”. This block includes problems related to climate change, rational use of water resources, tasks of agricultural science and innovative development of agriculture.

In the field of view of the participants of the section “The role of nanotechnology in the green economy” are successfully implemented projects of research and development centers in many countries, including those related to the development of new environmentally friendly nanotechnology, as well as tools for conducting high–tech production work in various industries, using alternative energy, primarily solar and others .

Issues such as improving the effectiveness of research in the field of pharmaceuticals and healthcare were also touched upon.

In the section “The role of information technology in the green economy” presentations were held on the introduction of advanced technologies in the field of communications, software, space and satellite solutions, transport and logistics systems, urban management, etc.

Within the framework of the forum, the results of the competition of innovative technologies announced by the Oguz Khan University of Engineering and Technology of Turkmenistan among the youth of our country were summed up, and the award ceremony for the winners.

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