Friday, July 19

Safiullova Rima was appointed Vice President of the International Women's Union .

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05/13/2024 Safiullova Rima  was appointed Vice President of the International Women’s Union.

Kind, purposeful, strong, sociable. A woman with a rich inner world . Understanding and fair. Demanding of herself and others… With such and other good features we characterize a beautiful woman, a leader, a public figure, a real Person – Safiullova Rima

Rimma Safiullova is the head of the huge Kolos agricultural holding, and at the same time, a man of high erudition, a responsible leader, a competent manager. She is friendly, sociable, has personality, great vitality, is always ready to listen and give advice, lend a helping hand. Rima Gumerovna is a patron of the arts, a sponsor of many regional events. He takes an active part in supporting our guys on HIS OWN, sending humanitarian aid.
Good luck in your new career!


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