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Denis Matsuev, the world-famous virtuoso pianist, celebrated his birthday on June 11. On this day, we remember not only his incredible achievements on the music scene, but also the important role that his family played in the formation and development of his talent. As part of the joint project of the Year of the Family and the Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives “Family in Culture”, Denis Matsuev told how family values and support helped him reach heights in the world of music.

Denis Matsuev was born on June 11, 1975 in Irkutsk into a musical family. His grandfather was a circus orchestra artist, his father, Leonid Viktorovich Matsuev, was a pianist and composer, and his mother, Irina Dmitrievna Gomelskaya, taught piano. It was in the family that the foundations of Denis’s creative path were laid. The closest people understood that a talented child needs to be helped and conditions created for his development.

“My family is such an indicator of service to art, and some kind of inner belief that everything will be fine,” Denis Matsuev shared.

To give his son the opportunity to develop and improve, his parents, despite difficult times, left their jobs in Irkutsk and moved to Moscow in 1991. At first they rented a one-room apartment, and then they lived on the money earned from the sale of their grandmother’s apartment.

The path to success was not easy. “It wasn’t so cloudless,” Matsuev recalls. The family worked to ensure that he could develop, and this path required many sacrifices and efforts. Denis gratefully remembers his parents and all the relatives who supported him and believed in his success. It was this faith and family support that helped him overcome difficulties and achieve significant heights in the world of music.

Today Denis Matsuev not only continues his successful career, but also actively invites families to classical music concerts. He believes that music is the best medicine and therapy that can purify, energize and inspire. “This is one of the best vaccines today,” says Matsuev, inviting people to come to concerts and enjoy the magic of classical music.

Matsuev actively participates in the popularization of classical music, organizes festivals and concerts. One of these projects is the Denis Matsuev Presents: Dialogue of Generations festival, which has been held for several years with the support of the Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives in the regions of Russia. Both young talents and recognized masters perform at concerts, which contributes to the transfer of traditions and the maintenance of a high level of performing skills.

Denis Matsuev’s story is a vivid example of how important family values, support and faith in success are. His path proves that with the right foundations laid in the family, you can reach incredible heights and inspire others with your example. In the Year of the Family, we once again realize how important the family is as a support and source of strength for each of us.

The special project of the Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives “Family in Culture” is a media project dedicated to the Year of the Family and designed to inspire viewers to reflect on their own attitude to family and family values, as well as provide them with examples of positive family relationships and support for each other.

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