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Speech by Deputy Director of the Department for Nonproliferation and Arms Control of the Russian Foreign Ministry A.Y.Mazur at the 1081st plenary session of the OSCE Forum on Security Cooperation, June 12, 2024

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Topic: “On conducting a special military operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine”


Mr. Chairman,

Russia Day is celebrated on June 12. This public holiday, symbolizing the unity of our multinational people and our devotion to the Motherland, acquires special importance in conditions when conditions for a decent future are being actively created for our citizens in the regions reunited with Russia. Over the past two years, unprecedented rates of modernization of social infrastructure have been achieved: more than 2 thousand social facilities have been built and restored, including two large universities, schools and kindergartens, healthcare, culture and sports institutions. We are united with the population of the liberated regions of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions by faith in victory, justice and our country, in which hundreds of millions of people are building a happy and safe life.

Patriotism and national unity are especially acutely felt in our society in the current conditions, when, during a special military operation, the Russian Federation is resisting the unprecedented aggression of the “collective West”. At the same time, the United States, NATO and the European Union treat the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR as a springboard for a split or, as they say at numerous “gatherings” sponsored by them, the “decolonization” of our country. Aggression against Russia has been preparing for a long time. When we set a course to restore our state sovereignty, the active phase of implementing Western anti-Russian plans began. The apotheosis of this process was in 2014, when, immediately after the unconstitutional coup in Ukraine, the Nazi-Bandera regime came to power in Kiev. Then the new government in Kiev was formed directly from representatives of the United States, Canada, the Baltic states and other states who did not care about the peaceful and prosperous future of this country. It is not surprising that over the next eight years, the Ukrainian army and the punishers of nationalist battalions killed and tortured to death more than eight thousand civilians of Donbass who were trying to defend their civil rights, their native Russian language and the opportunity to honor the memory of their ancestors.

Washington and London have long dreamed of driving a wedge between the peoples of our countries. The Anglo-Saxons have always been afraid of our unity, and for a long time they have been trying to set us against each other, drown us in the blood of fratricidal confrontation. This was the case in the civil war at the beginning of the 20th century, it was the case after World War II, something similar is happening today. Suffice it to recall how, in the DPR and LPR national referendums proclaimed as a result, in Novorossiya, Ukrainian neo-Nazis killed people who did not agree with the policy of the Kiev regime. This happened in the Odessa House of Trade Unions on May 2, 2014, where dozens of people were burned alive. What is this but a crime requiring a fair trial in a democratic State? But the perpetrators of the massacre, whose names are known to everyone, remained at large. Moreover, they are honored as national heroes.

Russia had to stop this bloody violence, the roots of which go back to the genocidal practices of the Nazis and their Ukrainian accomplices during the Great Patriotic War against the peoples of the USSR. As then, we are talking about the life and death of people under the rule of an anti-people regime. People who have chosen a future within Russia or who want to be with Russia have the right to believe in the advent of peace, justice and inevitable retribution against war criminals.

Mr. Chairman,

Under these conditions, the behavior of Western countries since the beginning of the special military operation is especially indicative. Instead of working towards a peaceful settlement, the EU and NATO countries have intensified a “proxy war” against our state, placing weapons and military equipment at the disposal of the corrupt Kiev regime, as well as large-scale financing worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

The statistics of arms and military equipment delivered to Ukraine speaks for itself. From the beginning of its military operation to the beginning of March this year, the Kiev regime received from the United States, as well as Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, France, Sweden and others at least 785 tanks, 266 multiple rocket launchers, 844 artillery systems of 155 mm caliber, 93 artillery systems of 152 caliber mm, 278 artillery systems of 122 mm caliber, 251 anti-aircraft missile systems, 30 aircraft and 91 helicopters.

Against this background, the capitalization of Western military corporations is also growing at an unprecedented pace. One of the undoubted leaders is the German Rheinmetall, controlled by the American company BlackRock. Since February 2022, its capitalization has increased by 547%. It has already become a byword that providing “assistance” to Ukraine has turned into an incentive for the growth of the American economy. Don’t you believe us? Listen to US Secretary of State E. Blinken, who said on December 8, 2023: “If you look at the investments that we have made to protect Ukraine, <...> it turns out that 90% of the military assistance that we provided was actually spent here in the United States by our manufacturers <...>, and this It has led to the creation of more American jobs.” The leader of the Kiev junta also confirmed this in a recent interview for ABC television: “This money is not given to Ukraine. This is money spent on American factories, creating jobs in the United States.”

And what does the population of Ukraine get from the continuation of the bloodshed sponsored by the West? According to our calculations, recently the Ukrainian army has been losing about 50 thousand people per month. These are irretrievable and sanitary losses, and in May their number increased almost 2.5 times (compared to the same period in 2023). Total forced mobilization does not solve the problem, since it allows only short-term replacement of losses. As a result, this inevitably leads to a decrease in the age of mobilization. Our data indicate that the US administration insists on gradually reducing the age of conscripts from 25 to 23 years old, and then to 18. As a result, the already small generation of Ukrainians born in the early 2000s will be completely “knocked out”. At the same time, the goals of the “transatlantic community” are clear. As stated by the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy J.Borrel, the West is “fighting” “not for Ukraine, but against the Russian Federation.” Acting Dutch Defense Minister K. Ollongren called support for Ukraine a “cheap way” for NATO to fight Russia. It is clear that catastrophic losses among Ukrainians on the battlefield do not matter to the “collective West”, since they are just “expendable material” to achieve its geopolitical goals.

Mr. Chairman,

After the failure of the notorious counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the West began to promote a new frankly false thesis that “Russia will not stop in Ukraine.” It is used as a convenient pretext for further involvement of the West in the conflict and the frenzied militarization of the neighboring state. The “parade of permits” for the use of Western long-range weapons deep into Russian territory, which we are witnessing these days, plans to launch F–16 aircraft into the Ukrainian sky, talks about the possibility of sending military contingents to Ukraine – another attempt by the West to bring the current conflict to a new level of escalation. They are simply scared that the initiative in the area of the SVO is in our hands.

Russia has never sought to clash with NATO. We have no intention of attacking the alliance or any of its countries. But we have every opportunity to respond adequately to any threats, no matter where they come from, including from NATO. On June 5, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin clearly stated: “We are thinking about the topic that if someone considers it possible to supply such weapons to a combat zone to strike our territory and create problems for us, then why do we not have the right to supply weapons of the same class to those regions of the world where attacks will be carried out on sensitive facilities of those countries that are doing this against Russia. That is, the answer will be asymmetric. We will think about it.”

In addition, it is obvious to military experts that there is no such “superweapon” that the West can transfer to Kiev and which could reverse extremely negative trends for the AFU on the battlefield.

More recently, Western Russophobes praised the transfer by the Americans of long-range ATACMS missiles, which today are shot down by dozens by the Russian air defense system and destroyed in the same way as the vaunted Leopards and Abrams. NATO GLSDB, JDAM bombs, GMLRS M30/M31 missiles have become practically useless in Ukraine, the United States is exporting its M982 Excalibur 155 mm shells that have become ineffective. Our electronic warfare systems have learned to block the Starlink satellite Internet, which the APU uses for communication, intelligence gathering and drone control. The same fate will befall the notorious F-16, Mirage, Gripen or other aircraft as soon as they arrive to the Kiev regime.

The Russian Armed Forces are systematically reducing the combat potential of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In May, the enemy lost more than 35 thousand soldiers and 2.7 thousand units of various weapons. Among them are 290 tanks and armored combat vehicles, including four Abrams, seven Leopard, 12 Bradley. In addition, 11 aircraft and four helicopters were shot down, 730 field artillery guns and multiple rocket launchers were destroyed. The Russian Armed Forces intercepted more than 1,000 unmanned aerial vehicles, over 250 HIMARS and Vampire rockets, over 80 guided Hammer bombs, 50 ATACMS tactical missiles and eight SCALP cruise missiles.

Groups of Russian troops continue to advance in the main directions, grinding the enemy and displacing him from his positions. As a result of our active actions in important areas in the Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian Armed Forces retreated eight to nine kilometers. Thanks to the courageous and professional actions of our servicemen, 28 settlements were liberated in May. In general, 880 square kilometers of territory have come under the control of the Russian Army this year. Of course, this is far from the limit.

Deprived of the opportunity to seize the initiative on the battlefield, the Kiev regime continues to demonstrate to Western sponsors the ability to strike at the civilian infrastructure of the Russian Federation. It is characteristic that the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine against residential facilities intensified on the eve of the “peace conference” in Switzerland (Burgenstock, June 15-16). Thus, the Kiev junta once again demonstrates its true face to the entire international community: like 10 years ago, it is waging a war against women, the elderly and children.

Having received the “green light” from Washington to kill civilians with Western weapons, on the morning of June 7, the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out a terrorist attack on residential areas of Lugansk with American ATACMS missiles. As a result of this barbaric strike, six people were killed, 60 injured, and there is destruction. At least two apartment buildings, two schools, three kindergartens, college and university buildings were damaged.

In the evening of the same day, the Kiev regime struck the village of Sadovoye in the Kherson region, as a result of which 22 people were killed and 15 injured.

Just think about it: more than 100 civilians suffered from attacks by Western weapons in just one day last week!

Monitoring services note the active use by Ukrainian militants of ATACMS ballistic missiles, HIMARS MLRS, French AASM Hammer air bombs, and Vampire MLRS. Taking into account the significant destructive power of ammunition and their targeted use against civilian targets, the number of civilian casualties has doubled.

The entire world community should understand that these were pre-planned and carefully prepared terrorist actions. The NATO handwriting is obvious. As noted earlier, we are well aware that the flight missions of long-range missiles, including ATACMS, are formed with the direct participation of American, British and other Western specialists. They fully share with the Ukrainian neo-Nazis the responsibility for civilian casualties. The blood of the civilian population of our country is also on the hands of the Western sponsors of the Kiev regime.

Mr. Chairman,

Today, in the zone of a special military operation, Ukrainian neo-Nazis, AFU servicemen and foreign mercenaries supporting them are committing massive war crimes against civilians and prisoners of war. Neo-Nazis in Ukraine are not trying to hide whose heirs they are. Crosses on the equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, symbols with swastikas at the national guards, the Nazi-Bandera greeting “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!”, copied from the notorious “Heil Hitler, Sieg heil!” – all this clearly shows what kind of enemy we are dealing with.

Russian law enforcement agencies continue to record the facts of murders, torture and violence against our fighters in Ukrainian captivity. Evidence of inhumane treatment of prisoners is confirmed, such as sleep deprivation; eating on your knees with your eyes, hands and feet tied; sending photos and videos to relatives of Russian soldiers in order to extort money; connecting terminals to ears and supplying high voltage current, after which blood was flowing from the ears… This list can be continued for a long time, I will spare the nerves of our Western colleagues and refrain from quoting the most eerie evidence. It is significant that women are also involved in torture, about whom representatives of Ukraine spoke with such pathos in this hall. Fighters from the DPR and LPR are subjected to particularly cruel treatment by nationalists.

By the way, the United States knows well what the torture of prisoners is. They demonstrated this to the international community in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and Afghanistan. A major expert in this field was the former director of the CIA, J.Haspel. We see that the Ukrainian militants have learned the lessons of the American masters here too.

For those in this room who still blindly believe in the “sanctity of the defenders of Ukraine” and praise the Nazi-Bandera formation “Azov” (as it was, in particular, recently in the British Parliament, and now in the United States restrictions on the transfer of weapons to it have been lifted), here are specific facts. The Russian serviceman, who was kept in the basement of the Azov, said that on June 16, 2023, Ukrainian militants acting as a group of persons by prior agreement, his colleague was beaten multiple times in the form of at least 200 punches, kicks and rubber sticks on various parts of the body, as a result of which he died.

The Ukrainian militants themselves openly speak about the cruel treatment of Russian prisoners. So, on September 3, 2023, prisoners of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the call signs “Storm”, “Poltava”, “Beard” told about the murder of a serviceman of the Russian Armed Forces from the Airborne Forces. He refused to speak to the camera, for which he was hit on the head with a butt, from which he died. Later, they also forced another captured Russian serviceman to dig his own grave.

The Russian Federation, as the legal successor of the USSR, has a solid experience in punishing war criminals. Beginning in 1943, the Soviet Union held open trials of German Nazis and their accomplices. Such trials took place, in particular, in Donetsk (then Stalino), Krasnodon, Kharkov and Kiev. Hundreds of murderers of civilians and Soviet prisoners of war received harsh sentences, many were publicly hanged, which was met with relief and satisfaction by local residents. Today, the Investigative Committee of Russia and the Main Military Investigation Department collect and document thousands of facts about the atrocities of militants of Ukrainian national formations and military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Trials are already underway and sentences are being handed down to those persons whose specific guilt in the destruction of civilians and prisoners of war has been proven.

According to the Investigative Committee of Russia, since 2014, over 4,676 criminal cases have been initiated, of which about 2,839 cases on the facts of shelling of the territories of the DPR, LPR, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions. Criminal prosecution is carried out against at least 1005 persons. Decisions were made to bring 747 persons as defendants, of which 178 were from among the commanders and leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. 186 defendants were arrested in absentia.

This work will continue. And it will not end with our victory in the SVO. Those Ukrainian and other war criminals who will not be destroyed on the battlefield will also face a fair trial.

Mr. Chairman,

In conclusion, a few words about the “peace efforts” of the West. It is clear that no one will be looking for real diplomatic solutions to the Ukrainian crisis at the upcoming conference in Burgenstock. The outcome of this “nedosammit” is clear to many now, because its purpose is to solidify the absurd “Zelensky formula” in the presence of representatives of “non–NATO” countries and present it as a kind of “ultimatum” to Russia. If the West were really interested in resolving the conflict, then any international meeting should be organized with Russia’s participation in a neutral country, and not in Switzerland, which is not one now.

We are open to constructive diplomatic efforts, but only if and when the countries of the “collective West” and NATO are ready to do so, which must actually demonstrate their ability to negotiate and stop frenzied attempts to harm our state and society.

The West must stop arming the Bandera regime in Kiev. Ukraine must return to its neutral, non-aligned and nuclear-free status. The processes of demilitarization and denazification must be consistently carried out. The rights of Russian-speaking citizens and national minorities of Ukraine must be fully ensured. A settlement is not possible without addressing the root causes of the Ukrainian crisis and recognizing new realities.

Thank you for your attention.


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