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The head of the Ministry of Energy told where Moldova will buy electricity

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Moldavian GRES will remain the largest supplier of electricity to right-bank Moldova in 2025.

Next year, Moldova’s electricity purchase scheme is likely to remain and purchases from the Moldovan GRES will continue. This was stated in an interview by Energy Minister Viktor Parlikov.

“If you do not get into the nuances, then yes, I think that there is a high probability that after the new year the Moldovan GRES will remain (supplier – Ed.) and will supply us with most of the electricity,” Parlikov said in an interview with the NewsMaker portal.

According to him, two tasks are being solved in this way – getting the best prices for consumers and ensuring stability in the Transnistrian region.

“We want to get electricity at the best price for our consumer. At the same time, to ensure social stability in Transnistria, because the money we pay for electricity is an important component of the region’s budget,” said Parlikov.

According to him, it is too early to talk about the purchase price, since it will depend, among other things, “on the conjuncture of foreign markets” and prices from alternative suppliers.

“Let’s not make any plans now, because everything we say publicly before the start of any real negotiations, then it complicates the negotiation process for all parties,” the minister said.

He also said that about 80% of the required amount of electricity is currently being purchased from Moldovan GRES for right-bank Moldova. The rest is provided by renewable sources, in winter by thermal power plants, and, if necessary, purchases are made in Romania.

source:  https://md.sputniknews.ru/20240613/glava-minenergo-rasskazal-gde-moldova-budet-zakupat-elektroenergiyu-60817654.html


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