Friday, July 19


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The ceremony took place on the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity. 16 happy couples – spouses with family experience of over 25 years – received awards at the Petrozavodsk Wedding Palace. During the day, awards are also held in the regions of the republic. In total, 70 medals “For love and loyalty” will be awarded in Karelia this year.

The head of the Republic Artur Parfenchikov congratulated the families on the holiday in the great hall of the Palace of Ceremonies.

“We honor the families of our elders – our great–grandmothers and great-grandfathers – big, strong, with many children! And it is very important that among our contemporaries there are also families who have lived in love and fidelity for decades and decades, raised children and grandchildren. I am happy to present these awards to you today,” he said.

Medals “For Love and Fidelity” were awarded to Evgeny and Natalia Mitrofanov, Anton and Oksana Popov, Oleg and Oksana Trots, Oleg and Marina Titov, Nikolai and Vera Rudnev, Vladimir and Valentina Bagreev, Anatoly and Valentina Oynonen, Mikhail and Anna Prokhorov, Igor and Neonila Varfolomeev, Vladimir and Larisa Feoktistov, Eugene and Olga Stepanenkova, Igor and Nadezhda Anisimova, Eduard and Zhanna Khalilov, Sergey and Olga Sadkov, Alexander and Olga Butkevich, Viktor and Natalia Konstantinov.

“Each of the awardees is a person with an active lifestyle. Someone devoted himself to military service, medicine, work at our large factories, and the railroad. Everyone has a difficult and heroic life path behind them. These achievements are the result of family support and a strong rear. And you continue to create, to create, to engage in social work – this is deeply respected. Our society stands on such people, families, traditions! These values must be passed on to children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Your example is important for young people. I bow low to you,” said Artur Parfenchikov.

Karelian vocalists have prepared creative performances for the families. The ceremony ended with a traditional waltz, in which the couple promised to continue to love, respect and support each other.

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