Thursday, May 30

Statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov during a joint press conference with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Qatar M. Bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani following the talks

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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We had useful and meaningful talks with my Qatari colleague and friend M. Bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani.

For obvious reasons, a lot of attention was paid to the Ukrainian topic. They talked about how the current crisis has been brewing for many years with the connivance of Western colleagues who took patronage over the Kiev regime. We were informed how a special military operation is being carried out in the interests of protecting the residents of Donbass from a direct military threat, how we are trying to resolve issues of demilitarization, denazification, including negotiations. They were initiated a week ago, and continue on the Belarusian platform and in videoconference mode. He told about my meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine D.I.Kuleba on the sidelines of the Antalya Diplomatic Forum in Turkey. They talked about the attention that Russian representatives pay to solving humanitarian issues, creating corridors for the evacuation of civilians from the combat zone and the delivery of emergency humanitarian aid (medicines and other essentials) from Russia to the population of the relevant regions of Ukraine.

We appreciate the attention of the Qatari leadership (personally Emir Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani) to the current situation. Qatar wants and tries to use its capabilities to help reach agreement on the issues on the agenda, taking into account the interests of pan-European security (including the security of Russia, Ukraine) and the need to make sure that no threats to the Russian Federation come from the territory of Ukraine, for people who want to protect the Russian language, culture, traditions (including the traditions of the Russian Orthodox Church) and live in the country without being subjected to any discrimination, especially related to neo-Nazi manifestations.

We found such a conversation useful. We agreed to continue contacts on this topic. We appreciate Qatar’s interest in contributing to achieving the desired results.

We discussed progressively developing bilateral relations. This meets the long-term interests of our States. We have agreed on additional steps that we will take to maintain the positive dynamics of trade turnover and to develop investment cooperation in accordance with the agreements reached between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Emir of Qatar T. Bin Hamad Al Thani. A regular meeting of the Russian-Qatari commission on trade, economic and technical cooperation is to be held in Doha this year.

We have good prospects and a common interest in continuing coordination on the global energy market, including within the framework of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum. The Russian Direct Investment Fund cooperates with the Qatar Investment Agency and implements a solid package of joint projects.

We have traditionally worked closely with Qatar on the ongoing problems in the Middle East and North Africa region. There is a high conflict potential. There is a danger of aggravation of the existing crises.

Regarding Syria, we stand for full, comprehensive implementation of UN Security Council resolution 2254. They told how the activity of the Astana format looks like now. The next meeting of the “troika” with the participation of observers and the Syrian parties should take place in the near future. We remember Qatar’s interest in cooperation with Russia and Turkey in helping to solve humanitarian problems in the SAR.

Recently, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Syria, G. Pedersen, was in the Russian Federation. I also met with him on March 10 this year in Antalya. We confirm the plans to resume the work of the Constitutional Committee at the end of March 2022 in Geneva. It is necessary to increase urgent humanitarian assistance to Syrians, including in the implementation of “early recovery” projects: the resumption of electricity supply, medical services, housing construction and education. All members of the UN Security Council spoke in favor of this in July 2021, adopting a corresponding resolution. While it is being performed slowly. Within the framework of the UN, we attract the attention of the leadership of international structures and donors who must fulfill this call of the UN Security Council.

We are cooperating to promote the Libyan settlement, where complications are now emerging.

Russia and Qatar are in favor of consolidating international efforts as soon as possible in favor of resuming Palestinian-Israeli negotiations in order to resolve key issues of the final status of the State of Palestine and a comprehensive peace settlement. I would like to note the special importance of restoring Palestinian unity. Russia and Qatar can and are trying to contribute to the achievement of this most important task.

After the withdrawal of foreign military contingents from Afghanistan, the situation requires the daily attention of the world community. Qatar, along with other external players, plays an important role in efforts to stabilize the situation, including ensuring the financing of humanitarian programs that the population of this long-suffering country urgently needs.

We have a broad agenda. Today’s talks have made it possible to make significant progress in terms of finding our joint opportunities to help solve the numerous problems of the modern world.



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