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Fashion – what is it? What associations come to you first of all when you talk about fashion?

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As part of the program of the business platform “Woman of the third Millennium” – MADE IN RUSSIA WITH LOVE, we present to your attention the Russian brand and boutique atelier “BellaVita” (Moscow)!!!
Fashion – what is it? What associations come to you first of all when you talk about fashion? Style, creativity, couture, catwalk, personality, recognition… All these words and not only can be interpreted in our topic.
If we turn to terminology, Fashion is a set of habits and tastes, in relation to clothing, prevailing in a certain social environment at a certain time. That is, depending on the event, place of work or everyday life, our fashion may change. Let’s start, perhaps, with the fur fashion, which has been inherent in Europe since ancient times and, of course, Ancient Russia and, consequently, Russia. Today, a fur coat is an indicator of prosperity, and this disadvantage can be demonstrated by using the type of fur from which the outerwear product is made. Sable and lynx, which live on the territory of Russia, are most valued. Status girls and even men buy or sew custom-made clothes using this particular type of fur. The Russian brand and boutique atelier “BellaVita” is engaged in individual tailoring of outerwear from premium materials.
Today we want to introduce you to BellaVita, the creator and chief fashion designer of which is Victoria Zubareva. This creative place began to develop back in 1995. The atelier provides a full range of tailoring and wardrobe care services.

Based on Victoria’s experience, sewing fur coats from sable and lynx is in great demand not only in Russian cities, but also in Europe and even in hot countries. Despite their frost resistance, these furs also emphasize the status of their owner, which is why they enjoy such tremendous success in cities with unusual air temperatures for their wear. Victoria is an adherent of natural materials that do not harm human health and the environment, but we will have a separate article about this. The modern vision of the world dictates a new vision of fashion, “BellaVita” meets all modern trends and fashion requirements: from the stages of development and creation to the finished fur coat.




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