Wednesday, March 22

The first stage of the Bogotsky district of Science, Technology and Innovation will be ready by 2026

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Bogota City Hall, together with the leadership of the Department of Cundinamarca, the Chamber of Commerce of Bogata and Corferias, will develop the area of Science, Technology and Innovation. The project, which will create a strategic center and will allow combining scientific and technological discoveries with financing and investments, was approved by a government commission.

“The District of Science, Technology and Innovation will allow Bogota to move towards the development of a smart city and contribute to innovative solutions to urban and industrial problems of the XXI century,” the press release of the district administration emphasizes.

At the moment, the complex is under feasibility study, which is expected to be completed in December this year; for its part, the tender and construction will be carried out in 2024, and the first stage is expected to be commissioned by 2026.


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