Tuesday, July 23

The response of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, M.V.Zakharova, to a question from the media in connection with the statement of F.Bashagi is the new Prime Minister of Libya

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Question: On February 10, the Libyan Parliament approved F.Bashagu became the new prime minister of the country and instructed him to form a cabinet. The Head of the Government of National Unity, A. Dbeiba, expressed disagreement with this decision and announced his intention to fulfill his duties until the general elections. How would you comment on the situation in Libya?

Answer: We are closely following the development of the internal political situation in Libya, where on February 10 the Chamber of Deputies approved a well-known Libyan politician, former Interior Minister in the former Government of National Accord of Libya F.Bashaga is the new prime minister of the country. He was instructed to submit proposals on the composition of his cabinet to the Parliament for consideration within 15 days. We proceed from the fact that the election of their own government is the prerogative of the Libyans themselves. In this case , for the candidacy of F.The majority of the members of the Chamber of Deputies, a representative body created based on the results of the popular vote, expressed their opinion.

We believe that this choice of the Libyan parliamentarians should be respected. The main thing is that the existing contradictions between Libyans do not lead to a serious conflict, but are resolved through negotiations and compromises. We hope that the new Government of Libya, headed by F.Bashagoy will be able to unite the Libyan society, which will successfully cope with the difficult tasks of the transition period, including preparations for holding national elections.

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